7 Features To Improve The Comfort Of Your Home

There are a number of ways in which our homes could be considered as comfortable. For some, comfort stems from functionality and the ability to quickly procure a cup of coffee or switch on music is a benefit to their wellbeing. For others, comfort is more literal, coming from the decadence of soft furnishings, or the emotional joy of seeing meaningful artwork and photographs decorating a living space.

However one chooses to inspire comfort in their home, it is important that it is considered. Living spaces are supposed to feel safe and relaxing, supporting individual and group wellbeing. So, if you’re wondering how to improve the respite your home offers from the outside world or would like to see how others are achieving their own comforts, we’re sharing seven of the best modern features to improve comfort within living spaces.


With a focus on efficiency and the optimisation of space, bathtubs are becoming less popular than showers. While showers can be luxurious in their own right, the offering of an indulgent and long soak in the bath offers unrivalled comfort, especially if it is fitted with features such as a bath bar.

Underfloor Heating

Not only is underfloor heating an efficient and increasingly affordable method of home heating, it is on that is perpetually comfortable to experience. Stepping out of bed on a cold morning and into a bathroom without the need for slippers, feeling the warm ground beneath your feet, is a luxury that makes many eager for the winter period, knowing that their home will be extremely cosy.

Log Cabins

Having a secluded and private outbuilding in your garden opens a number of doors. Many are choosing log cabins for the potential office space it provides while others, however, are looking for something more comfortable, choosing to create a wellness space that benefits from the aesthetic of their natural garden space.

House Plants

There is a reason that house plants are increasingly ubiquitous across homes and it is certainly more than the style that their presence brings. While the jury may still be out on whether house plants actually purify the air, their presence does instil a sense of nature into a living space and this alone is enough to elevate personal wellbeing.

Smart Doorbells

Any element of added security adds comfort to a home, allowing residents to feel safer within their living space. Smart doorbells have become more popular because they add to this comfort while also offering the ability to see who’s at your door when you’re away.


The Danish culture of hygge centres around comfort, celebrating the simple indulgences that improve wellbeing. Something as simple as blankets, those made from natural fibres, that are large enough to wrap around our bodies, are a priority among many hygge-focussed designers. While not always needed during summer, they will be indispensable during winter.

Wood-Burning Stove

Having a stove isn’t practical for every home but, for those able and willing to accommodate such a feature, will find their home elevated to new levels of warmth and comfort. In addition to looking handsome, especially if you’re choosing to restore an older design, the heat they add to a home simply cannot be imitated.

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