How can you improve the guest satisfaction score?

For any hotelier, the guest satisfaction score plays a pivotal role in the success or failure of the hotel business. Guest satisfaction score measures how happy or satisfied the guests are with the hospitality received. Ideally, it will depend upon the three factors namely, quality, quantity, and quickness.

Since you are looking for hotel guest amenities products around, we would like to take this opportunity to tell how you can improve your guest’s satisfaction at your concern. The following is a scene that will explain you a few things about it:

Imagine you booked a stay at a reputed hotel. Upon reaching there, you are surprised to check-in in a suite with a magnificent view of the ocean.

You observe that the room is better than you thought of, it is well-lit, spacious, properly ventilated and have ample amenities to make your stay as comfortable as you imagined it to be. Right from the concierge to the room service, every staff member seems polite and humble in his approach.

Consider the above scenario, you can easily say that you had a great stay. You will return home with a good experience.

Now, let’s reverse the case!

What if you get a room smaller than you booked?

What if there are no proper bed linen and bathroom linen?

Let alone the exclusive amenities, the basic hotel amenities are found missing.

We are sure, this will cause huge disappointment and you will curse yourself to book a stay here.

So, you see, the quantity, quality, and quickness of a hotel’s services leave an impact on the guest satisfaction in this hospitality industry. So, you must choose not only choose your hotel guest amenities products wisely but also ensure that these products are delivered to the guests at right time.

Calculations to measure guest satisfaction in hotels

As we stated earlier, measuring guest satisfaction is no rocket-science. You can simply start from the reviews and ratings of your hotel online. These are testimonies to the services that you have offered earlier. If they are good, you can think of ways to improve it, and if the ratings are bad, you should make serious efforts to turn bad ratings into good ones.

In a nutshell, you can assess your guest satisfaction in the following two ways:

  • With the help of guest satisfaction survey forms.
  • Checking online reviews

We suggest our clients to keep these survey forms handy. These forms should be handed over the guests when they arrive for their check-out. Upon observing these forms, you can find a pattern and see where your efforts are falling short. Later on, you can improve your efforts and compare the results.

We are becoming used to technologies and now such forms are shared via a link to the guests and the guests can fill the form anytime they want. Just make sure that the fill the form and share their experience.

Improving the guest satisfaction score

There are plenty of factors that affect the guest satisfaction score and it will also vary from person to person. Just ensure that the 3Qs we stated earlier are catered to and your ratings will largely fall above 4*.

Choose the best hotel guest amenities products and make sure they reach to the guests quickly. For more hospitality products, you can reach out to us.