Property Appraisal In Perth: What Is It And Do You Need One?

Whether you want to sell your house or are curious, getting a property appraisal in Perth is a great way to determine how much it could be worth. So what is a property appraisal?

A real estate agent may do a property appraisal Perth to ascertain your home’s current market worth after a comprehensive investigation. Real estate agents often consider the following when determining a property’s assessed value:

    • Size of the property
    • Number of bedrooms
    • Fixtures and equipment
    • The property’s characteristics
  • Location
  • Local amenities are accessible
  • School zone border
  • Recent sales information
  • Market situations
  • When a property is most likely to be sold
  • The financial needs, such as interest rates
  • The status of the property

Some Justifications for a Property Appraisal

Although these are often the most common, there are other reasons a property owner could want or choose to receive an appraisal. These include buying, paying cash for something, and selling.

Considering a Purchase

When buying a property, you are often in charge of the appraisal unless you strike an arrangement with your seller or lender to cover the cost. This is done so that your lender may use the home appraisal. Your bank seeks to provide you with a mortgage that isn’t more expensive than the property’s value.

Making Sale Arrangements

For instance, sure owners decide to have their properties assessed before listing if they have problems deciding on a list price. Keep in mind that the buyer’s lender often requests the appraisal. Due to this, some home sellers choose to do an unofficial, do-it-yourself home inspection, which gives them a trustworthy price range for a list price.

Looking for Finance

When you wish to access your home equity, whether via a home equity loan, home equity line of credit (HELOC), refinancing, or home equity investment, the lender or investor needs to know the actual worth of your property to determine the amount of equity you have available.


For homeowners going through a divorce, a house evaluation assures that the home’s value is distributed equitably. If one party plans to stay in the house, attorneys can determine precisely how much that party owes the other. If both parties are willing to sell the home, the appraisal could make it easier to agree on a list price.


The documentation of a homeowner’s current financial situation, including their income, debts, and the value of all of their assets, including any real estate, must be shown to the court when they file for bankruptcy.

Construction Flaws

Suppose a home has significant damage due to building errors. In that case, the owner will need to provide evidence of the severity of the damage to file an insurance claim or pursue other legal alternatives. Sometimes the first step in seeking damages is a property assessment.

What Is the Purpose of a Property Appraisal?

Property appraisals in Perth have a purpose, even if they are neither definitive nor legally binding. They give you a decent sense of the potential market value of your home, which may help you decide how much you can spend on a new home. 

A property assessment is also helpful for homeowners who need help determining when to put their house on the market and for those who want to know how much, if any, value recent improvements may have contributed. They could also help homeowners discover ways to raise the value of their properties. 

Although they are not required, property evaluations may help you better understand the market value of your home and identify its major selling characteristics and how to emphasize them best.

Why Is a Property Appraisal Different From a Property Valuation?

A property valuation is a legally binding report produced by a licensed appraiser who has undergone substantial study and experience instead of a property appraisal, which is a free evaluation of a property’s market value conducted by a licensed real estate agent. 

Valuations are carried out when a definitive value is required, such as for estate settlements, partnership settlements, or when a buyer wants to get finance from a lender. A fee is often charged for property appraisals.

Property Appraisal Compared to Bank Appraisal

When you purchase a new home, your preferred financial institution or bank will probably contract with a qualified independent expert to develop a property evaluation as part of the loan approval process. They conduct this to assess the property’s value and determine how much money to loan you. 

Bank assessments and valuations are often cautious estimations of the property’s market value. Banks would need to sell the property quickly if the buyer could not make their mortgage payment. Bank valuations and evaluations often include a price tag and serve the bank or lender rather than the buyer.

Property appraisal in Perth is one of the most essential steps in real estate investment. Accurate property assessments help buyers and sellers position themselves more successfully in the market and benefit investors and property owners. 

There are many methods for figuring out how much anything is worth. In the end, supply and demand determine the exact selling price of a house. Appraisals combine art and science.

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