Revitalize Your Space With Lime Floor Paint

Trends are always changing in the world of interior design and home improvement. The use of lime floor paint (สีทาพื้นปูน, which is the term in Thai) is in the talks lately. Commonly called limewash, it is a versatile, eco-friendly substitute for conventional floor coverings. Its trendy, minimal and contemporary appearance is catching the attention of property owners and designers. We will discuss several advantages of this paint option in this blog.

Elegant Eco-Friendliness

Limestone is the main component of this paint. It is crushed, burnt and then combined with water to make a paste called slaked lime. After this, pigments are mixed in it to give it desired hues. Natural dyes also go well with this, making it eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals. It is indeed a safe alternative to the chemical floor paints that cause harm to the environment just from the start of its manufacture.

A Subtle, Matte Finish

Limewash gives an aesthetically pleasing, distinct earthy appearance. This base can be molded into several looks. The floorings get a unique depth and texture from it. The appearance fits various themes, whether a classic rustic style or a Mediterranean look. Its distinctively alluring unconventional finish sets it aside from other floor paint options. It is minimal and chic, natural and different, earthy and stylish.

Practical Durability

There are several other benefits apart from aesthetics that the limewash offers. Lime is amply breathable, making a way out for monsieur. This eventually sets it free from the risk of growing mold over time. Lime is well known for durability and requires very less maintenance. Places with potential moisture and damage risk, like kitchens and bathrooms, can be limewashed to require less maintenance.

This paint is self-repairable. Small cracks, holes and scuffs rubbed away and disappeared by itself with time. It remains stain-free with simple damp mopping and sweeping.

Reasonable Sustainability

Lime floor paint requires very little maintenance, and because of its natural availability, it’s comparably inexpensive, making it a reasonable choice over expensive chemical paints. Let’s see its features at a glance:

  • It Is Breathable, Does Not Trap Moisture
  • Needs Very Less Keep-Up
  • Absorbs Heat
  • Checks Microbial Growth
  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy To Apply


Lime floor paint makes a statement about sustainability and style. It is a prominent color option. It is the best choice for both indoors and outdoors. The minimal, subdued appearance gets prettier with time and requires very less maintenance. It has got depth, versatility, durability and sustenance together. Easy to apply paint which is pleasing to the eyes too. For someone looking for sustainable floor paint, limewash is a potential option.

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