Some Quick Read About Pros and Cons Of Gutter Guards


Okay! Homes with roof gutters need gutter guards to prevent debris from clogging the water. These are available in different types, such as gutter screens, covers and helmets. Installation of a gutter guard will allow water to drain easily with no blockage of leaves, twigs, etc.

If you are heading on a plan for Gutter Guards in Cedar Rapids, check for the pros and cons below. This is little help to decide better.

The Advantages of Gutter Guards:

  • The need for cleaning and maintenance that was frequent will be less after the use of gutter guards. It will cut off the efforts, time and energy to clean clogged gutters, thus reducing stress.
  • The gutter guard installation will keep the property safe, clean and maintained. It will not damage the house foundation, walls, ceiling/roof etc.
  • Gutter guards are easy to clean and safer, too, if, in any case, they get clogged or accumulated.
  • The professionally installed gutter guard actually raises the value of the property. The expert work will, of course, be done perfectly with the right gutter guard after examining the home structure.

The Cons of Gutter Guards:

  • Installation of gutter guards is not 100% sure to prevent water clogging with debris, leaves, twigs, etc.
  • They can only be installed correctly if a professional is hired for such a task, which can degrade the home foundation.
  • Poorly installed gutter guards can lower the property sale value if you want to rent or sell it.
  • Maybe gutter guards have a void roof warranty and thus can be a risk to the home’s ceiling/roof, walls and foundation.
  • Cleaning the gutter later can be a hassle, as it needs a lot of trouble to clean the gutter guard and gutter simultaneously.

The Bottom Line:

Everything has pros and cons, so it comes with gutter guards too. Make a choice wise with expert help to decide what type of gutter guard is good for your home structure. This is an investment many years to take time. Hire professional contractors for reliable, quality, durable Gutter Guards in Cedar Rapids.