Symbols that can protect you from the evil eye and negativity include:


Today in this brief guide we will look at various kinds of symbols that can help you protect yourself from evil eyes and negative vibes and energy around or surrounding you. To know more about such kinds of bracelets and amulets, you can click here and shop online for your favourite amulet, or bracelet, or chains, keychains, and many more. So, let’s look at the symbols of protection to ward off the evil eye. Some such symbols are:

The Symbol of Ankh-

This is a type of symbol that is commonly referred to as the key of life, but it can also be referred to as the key of Nile. It represents the eternal life that was there in Ancient Egypt. It was the first thing the Africans did. It is known to be the first and original cross. In the hands of pivotal Egyptian figures like the kings and the pharaohs. Aside from that, the ankh symbol is depicted in the hands of Egyptian Gods such as Ra, Isis, and Osiris, as well as in temples. The ankh also represents water, air, and the sun, which is known for preserving life and providing life in the ancient Egyptian culture. To ensure life after death, the ankh was also placed in the sarcophagi. Ankhs are also widely known as hieroglyphics, but the origin of the ankh is still not clear.

Also, the ankh shows a similarity with that of the knot of Isis. Some people opine that the ankh and the knot of Isis represent the same thing, i.e., an intricate bow. Others feel that the ankh symbolises the cohesion between or of heaven and earth, connecting with male and female symbols or other girdles.

The Symbol of the Medicine Wheel-

It can also be called a scarlet hoop, which is most of the time used by several native American tribes, and it is known as a symbol of health and healing. It comes in several different forms and it also appears in the forms of art, like paintings and artifacts, constructions of the land and so on. It has a division by a cross which shows the four directions, i.e., east, west, north, and south. It also shows the cyclic nature of the world. This is a symbol which mainly represents or shows living a life through hard work and self-improvement.

The Symbol of the Crucifix-

The Latin cross is said to represent the crucifixion of Christ. In other words, if you see the Latin cross, it is also known as a dagger or symbol of the obelisk, which shows death. The cross is said to have come or been introduced as a symbol in the African and Asian countries, and also in ancient Rome. Prior to Christians using the cross as a symbol of their religion, the cross could have symbolised the 4 ways: like good luck, life, fertility, and connection between heaven and earth, or it could also be called a bridge to heaven. But with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the meaning changed and it showed the selflessness of Christ and his unending love for mankind, as he bore our human sins and the sins of the whole world.

Worshipping the cross and using the cross as a way to defend evil became and spread in Europe also. When Africans arrived in the New World in the 15th century, it became difficult for them to maintain their beliefs and cultures. But still today, the cross symbolises protection against the evil eye and evil influence.