The term “window draperies” can sound a little dated. But, their appeal could not be more current. Regardless of your home’s grace, custom drapes on the windows always deal with a grown-up, finished look. But, they can do extra for your home than make it beautiful they work for you.

Benefits of Window Draperies

Here are five benefits of drapery curtains:

They are thermal

The custom drapery hoover al curtains are excellent at keeping in your conditioned air instead of permitting your home to be heated up by the sunlight and outside heat against the window.

They raise the look of your home and your mood

Window Draperies are simply a perfect choice this can affect your mood at home. When homeowners live in a space that feels attractive, and comfortable, they complete their moods.

They are versatile and they pull a room together

When you go with a drapery curtain, your home will transform into something you can be proud of. Drapery curtains will match your home’s architecture, the colors you currently have in the room/space, the type of furniture you have to intend to buy, and so much more. Custom drapes are designed with the whole room/space in mind. This means a so-so room can come to life and the money you have expended on furniture or wall hangings will finally be tied together, flawlessly. Further, using drapes in multiple rooms helps to link together design elements throughout your home.

They fit

Of course, you can go to a division store and purchase generic draperies in a variety of colors or materials—but they will never be as good as drapes designed especially to match your personality, your home’s measurements, and your overall “look.”

They are durable

Custom window draperies curtains and top treatments can last as much as two or three times as long as the ready-made curtains you purchase off the shelf in the store.

Light Control

While curtains and drapes add a definite level of style to your home, they can provide numerous functional benefits as well. Most rooms in your home need some level of light control, whether it’s just dipping glare in your living room or entirely blocking out light in your bedroom.

For bedroom windows, consider thicker drapery fabrics and darker colors to keep as much light out as possible, so you can sleep easier. If you are looking for living room curtains or somewhat for your home office, choose a drapery curtain that will turgid the light and keep glares off your screens but still let you enjoy normal light.


Along with providing extra light control, thicker fabrics in dark colors will also offer more privacy, which makes them even better for bedrooms. You may not need as much secrecy in living rooms, which is why drapery curtains work so well.

Window Insulation

Did you know that up to 50% of the air that is heated or cooled by your home can emission through its windows? Luckily, all window treatments offer some level of window insulation, but the thickness of the fabric will control how much insulation is added to your windows. Heavier, heavier fabrics like velvet are going to offer the most insulation and help you keep your home more comfortable and lower your energy bills.