Ways to Spice Up Your 5-Room HDB Interior Design

The 5-room HDB home design might risk seeming excessively generic in many aspects. Are you bothered by the fact that your house looks a lot like the ones on each side of you? Here are some methods that, according to the experts in home remodelling in Singapore, you may make your house stand out from the rest of the competition!

1. Demolishing the walls of your apartment.

Homes with five rooms will have a larger total square footage. However, if you want an even larger area, you might consider reducing the size of one of your bedrooms and incorporating the space into your living room. In this manner, you’ll be able to organise events without worrying about running out of room!

The apparent seamlessness is also enhanced by using the same flooring and ceiling elements across the whole area, which makes the flat appear like it has more room than it actually has.

2. Construct a kitchen with a separate dining area.

If you cook somewhat often, you might find separating your kitchen into dry and moist zones helpful.

If you want to free up more floor space in your kitchen, flush your larger appliances like the refrigerator and coffee maker into bespoke cabinetry. If you keep them close to one another, it will be much simpler to prepare a cup of tea and grab a slice of cake for your visitors when they arrive at your house.

Glass windows and doors in the wet kitchen bring in an abundant amount of natural light while preventing odours and gases from cooking from seeping into the living area.

3. Create a unique arrangement for your bedroom furniture.

Love spending your weekends curled in bed? Then, make some alterations to the arrangement of your bedroom!

You could switch things up by removing part of a wall and converting the bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe instead of leaving it as it is. The sense of seclusion in the bedroom is maintained even though the wall is only partially knocked down, thanks to the placement of the bed.

4. Adopt a light and airy aesthetic influenced by Japanese design.

Are you a huge admirer of the aesthetic of the Muji brand? Then, this layout is going to be perfect for you.

Japanese houses, which often have a colour scheme that is predominately white and wood, may serve as a rich source of design inspiration.

You may create an elevated platform area if you want to spice things up and make them more intriguing. It is not only able to function as a lounge and an office area, but it also cleverly conceals storage options!

Tip: If you want the impression that you have more room, ensure your built-ins are flush with the walls.

5. Make some changes to where you study.

If you find that you don’t need a designated space for studying, why not convert it into an additional living room or dining room?

In order to make the most of the available space in the living room, interior designers frequently install a reading nook by the window.

The reading nook will appear like it was made for lazing after a hard day of work, thanks to an elevated platform and a reviving burst of blue that visually separates the space from the rest of the room.

You can transform your 5-room HDB design into a place that looks and feels unmistakably like yours if you take advantage of even one of these recommendations for home improvements. So have courage, use your imagination, and think big!