What kind of services are offered by residential and commercial design companies?

Designers are known for their expertise in interior design, and designers of residential and commercial design companies offer a variety of services that can help people achieve their needs. These services may include designing new homes, creating landscapes, planning events and parties, or even building websites.

A typical residential design company offers interior design services like painting walls, designing home office spaces, magasin tapis Decor Chantilly and planning indoor spaces for entertaining guests with room dividers and seating arrangements. They also offer landscaping services to create outdoor living areas using patio designs with fireplaces or patio kitchens.

In commercial design companies, professional designers may help in designing basement spaces for an office, building warehouses for storing furniture or inventories, new residential construction San Mateo County CA for storage facilities (warehouses), and also help in designing office decor.

Choosing the right designer can be hard if you don’t know what services they offer, which is why we’ve put together this list of what residential and commercial designers typically offer.

We’ve broken down the types of services that designers offer, giving you a better idea of what they do. If you have any questions about what these services are and how they may apply to your project, get in touch with your design professional today.

Interior Design Services

Interior design is a wide field that encompasses everything from interior decorating to craftsmanship and home maintenance, but it’s all getting wrapped up under the same umbrella. If you’re looking for an interior designer, you’re usually going to be hiring a professional who is working solely on the living room, bedroom and/or main living spaces.

While interior design services tend to vary based on the number of rooms in your home, they almost always involve the following: colors, paint finishes, accessories, lighting and hardware fixtures.

Examples of interior design services include:

Choosing paint colors or magasin tapis Decor Chantilly and finishes for entire rooms or individual pieces (i.e. walls, doors, trim, cabinets)

Picking out light fixtures, hardware and accessories throughout the home

Planning color schemes

Carpeting and/or hardwood flooring design and installation (sometimes this is a separate service that the interior designer will hire out)

Room layouts and furniture room planning (i.e. deciding where to put your sofa or bed in the living room)

When working with commercial designers, they are able to customize the designs based on your budget and the space. Many times these experts can help make small alterations to cut down costs.