Wine Cooler: Its Uses and Temperature and Ways to Make It Cold

Introduction –

One of the best possible ways one should store their wine and plainly keeping it in the kitchen cupboard is not enough. The wines should be kept protected from sunlight and in a cool place that is free of humidity. Also, keeping it in the standard food and beverage fridge is not recommended, as it doesn’t provide an optimal temperature for the wines. So, it is recommended that you use a special wine cooler for storing your exotic wines and other expensive wines. Wine coolers are also known as wine fridges, and they offer the ultimate storage solution for your collection of wines, whether your collection consists of red wine or white wine. If you have recently purchased a wine cooler and want to know how it functions and at what temperature it operates, then continue reading to learn more.

Wine Cooler Applications:

To know or purchase 100 bottle wine fridge, click on the link mentioned above. To store your wine in the best possible manner, one must use wine coolers, which are designed specifically for this purpose. Besides that, wine coolers mainly work to keep your wine cool, and most of the ultra-modern wine coolers come with additional skins (features) that offer the best storage space for your wine and its condition. For instance, wine coolers will control the levels of humidity. Wine fridges should consist of humidity to keep the stopper (cork) in place, especially, if there is no humidity, it can happen that the cork can dry out and then slip out of the place. So, what will happen is that if your wine is exposed to oxygen, it can affect the flavour and freshness of the wine. Besides all of that, wine fridges can also protect your wine from direct sunlight—it doesn’t matter whether the fridge has a glass door or another type of solid door.

Temperature for White Wine:

One of the most important things that you should know is that the glass doors on the wine coolers are almost all UV treated, which means that even if the fridge is exposed a little bit to sunlight, there is nothing to worry about in terms of UV damage. Apart from all of that, wine coolers manage a steady temperature for the wines and keep them cool and fresh for a long time. Plus, make sure to check the temperature of your wines and what it should be stored at, as the red wine, and the white wine and other sparkling wines will have a distinct optimal temperature. It is always best to serve the white wine at a cooler temperature of around 7–12 degrees C. Red wine, however, is best served at room temperature, and a full bottle of red wine should be kept at a slightly warmer temperature of around 15 degrees Celsius.

Adjusting the Temperature of the Wine Cooler

The majority of modern and ultra-modern refrigerators come with a feature of temperature control. The control panel can be on the side of the fridge or it can be on the interior of the unit. It can also come with an application on your phone or a remote control. Most of the wine fridges have a digital panel for control or a digital thermostat, which permits you to adjust the temperature easily. But if you are not able to adjust the temperature in the control panel, then ask the manufacturer or customer care for the same.

Ways to Make the Wine Fridge Colder –

The main step to making your wine cooler cold is to keep it on a low setting. But if the fridge is not cold enough, then you can always use an ice tray at the top of your fridge. This will bring out the additional heat from inside the unit. Plus, be cautious not to overflow the ice tray, as leakage can ruin the wine labels. If you freeze the wine, you can ruin its natural flavours, which will leave it tasting unpleasant and bland. If you still wish to freeze your wine, then place it directly in your freezer in a distinct container.